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About Us

Community Finder started with the idea to build a collaborative, locality based, information network, a platform that can be customised and focussed on a particular topic in a particular area, but allows that information to be highly accessible to anyone wishing to use it. By building a platform that can serve multiple purposes we can build a shared community resource that provides greater cross promotion between initiatives and is itself more organisationally and financialy sustainable.

To this end, a number of local community groups have joined forces to work towards this. Currently Friends of the Earth Melbourne, CERES Envrionment Park, the Victorian Eco Inovation Lab and the Australian Centre for Democracy and Justice have been central to the project..

We are working with the Australian Centre of Democracy and Justice to formulate the structures of governance neccessary to ensure that the Network is sustainable into the future.

With ACDJ we have developed the following five principles: