Future Development

We're currently working on a number of new features and improvements to the site.

Mobile App: To allow you to find out whats going on in the community around you, where ever you are.

Expanded Moderation: To allow the community to have greater control over the informaiton contributed to the site and to ensure the quality, accuracy and appropriatness of that information.

Expanded Plugin Customisation: To allow for greater control over how the site can be plugged into a website, allowing different aspects and tools in the site to be switched on and off, and to allow for specific custom help and information to be displayed to users in the plugged in version of the site

Code Update and Improvements: To improve the speed and performance of the site, and make improvements to the user interface

If you have any suggestions or ideas about the site or planned features, please feel free to contact us at info@victoriamycommunity.org